Are You Ready to Know About Latest SEO Trends 2018

If you are running a business and not implementing any of the SEO Strategies to your website then ranking your product or brand in the search engine result page is tedious. SEO is one of the primary reason to showcase your site to the targeted audience and make them buy your products.

Recent SEO Trends 2018

Day by day there are unique SEO trends getting incorporated to provide a different edge to your business, evolving the right strategy with unique ideas and knowledge will bring the best results. Proceed below to check out some of the Latest 2018 SEO Trends and their importance.

Voice Search:

A report from Google states that 40% of adults and 55% of the teens are making use of the Voice Searches daily, the ratio of voice search is getting increased compared with the type search.

Quality Content and Links

Unique Content and good links bring good results, showcasing your individuality with the content tone, and quality backlinks will bring you more targeted audience and leads to your website or business.


Security is one of the essential factors while taking a website, SSL has started to rise, and Google has provided significant importance for a website Security so make sure your blog or website is highly secured with HTTPS.

Intent Searches

Google has started to focus on the nearest searchers query and results at present, and you should start changing your ranking factors if you are not getting any results, look for the keywords and also make sure about the priorities of search engines so that you will be able to get higher results.

Javascript SEO

Make sure you have 1 explicit URL for a single content, use hrefs in the place of onclick=”window.location=”, do not use robots.txt to block javascript sources, Scroll and use the mouse, do not move them as per the interaction of the user, quick content loading, stick with the server side and also neglect using <head> element section.


CISCO study states that 82% of the traffic produced will be from Video by 2021, Youtube is the second largest search engine at present all over the world, so it’s crucial to start focussing on Video contents.


Exploring the ideas in an expanded format is considered to be the snippets, and this plays a vital role in ranking in the first three places in search engine result pages.

Usage of Long Content

Unique content with more than 1000 words are considered to perform better when compared to short content pages, and studies reveal that long content brings you more social shares and backlinks rather than the smallest good quality content.

Social Media

Google and other search engines provide more importance to the Social Media as all people might have known regarding the power of them, focus on your social media pages so that you will get performed in a better way.

Loading Speed

A good website page should load faster for deriving good results in search engines, and this is considered to be one of the critical ranking factors by Google for many years, the same get trends in 2018 too.

Mobile SEO

People who use the smartphone are comparatively increasing, and Google has announced that mobile compatibility and responsiveness is necessary for a web page to showcase them top in google search results.

Final Words

Apart from the above SEO trends, there is also much other SEO processes to consider for bringing your website, brand or product to the first page in the search engine results. For any SEO trends, the first thing you need to follow is to focus on the top-notch, high-quality, unique content.

So what do you think about the above SEO Trends? Do you follow some other trends in 2018 to bring your websites on the first page of the Search Engine Results? Let us know in the comment section below.

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