Web Designing

The graphical presentation and designing of the content shown on the Internet in the form of Web sites and other Web applications by means of many different forms of media is a Web design. Web design is the process of creating the websites with the use of Fireworks, Photo-shop, CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Here we offer the finest designing services along with UI work with HTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, etc. plus conversion of PSD designs into WordPress/Joomla/ Open-cart templates.
Our experience and competence ensure that we deliver brilliant services & products to our customers. Our focus is to make the website outstanding. We understand that a good visual design, quickly searchable, ease of navigation, easily interpretable information are the key factors for impactful online marketing and good user experience. We make the sites with the view to attain first and best impression and fire up the interest among the visitors to learn more about your business and services.

Different Web Designing tools can be classified as-

Introduction to HTML-HTML (Hypertext Mark up Language) can be set as a “markup language” whose purpose is to develop written documents using formatting tags. The tags specify how the document is accessible and how it links to other documents.

Concepts of HTML5-HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and XHTML. It attempts to resolve problems found in preceding iterations of HTML.

Learning CSS-Cascading style sheets (CSS) are used to determine the appearance of HTML pages in a browser. They provide trouble-free way to alter the visual exterior of a group of HTML files without changing each individual file.

Adobe Fireworks-Adobe Fireworks also termed as FW is usually a graphics editor. It was initially designed by Macromedia and acquired by Adobe in 2005.

Adobe Dreamweaver-It is a computer program that one can use to generate and maintain a website. It lets a person design websites visually from your own computer, almost anyone would work with a word processor similar to Microsoft word or maybe office.

Adobe Flash Player-This is solitary of an all popular plug-ins in numerous websites, developed as multi-platform software for use on each of the major operating systems. It adds additional functionality to web pages pertaining to interactive or media-related capability.

Adobe Photoshop– Adobe Photoshop is really a graphics editing software developed and compiled by Adobe Systems.

Panic Coda – It is a powerful Web development application tool for MAC OS X that puts everything in one place. It was released in 2007 and won the 2007 Apple Design Award for Best User Experiences.