WEB DESKERS analytics allows you to calculate sales and transitions , as well as it also provides you with the information that how visitors make use of your site, when and how they arrived on your site and give you tips that how you can keep your customers coming back.
We have worked on a wide range of mobile app analytics packages and developed custom made analytics application for some of our clients. As per the app or game nature the requirement for tracking the information from one app to another could be very different. A mobile app analytics development platform needs substantial technical skill along with good understanding of the business for identifying the metrics that truly matter. Then it is presented in a way that facilitates decision making.
We have great experience in implementing the app analytics plus developing the custom mobile analytics frameworks for social games and apps. Our experts have the right mix of technical knowledge and business understanding for developing the perfect mobile app analytics for enterprise application and social games.

Analytics can be further classified as:

Content analytics– If you are counting for better decision making by deriving valuable insights from your content, irrespective of source or format, our content analytics technology is that the correct solution for you. You’ll ascertain out how frequently people visit each page of your website, for how long they stay on your website and how often they switch to other.
Mobile analytics– Everything you need to know about your mobile visitors is now possible through mobile analytics. Now-a-day’s mobile is the foremost and fastest way through which you can communicate with your clients. It gives you a clear picture that which type of mobile device is being used by your client and how they are interacting with your website.
Conversion Analytics-It provides you with the information that will be beneficial for you. It allows you to modify your website according to customer’s need and requirement. It helps in improving conversion rates and revenues and improves the effectiveness of all of your marketing channels.
Social Analytics– It is easy to take business decisions with the use of social media analytics. Data from different social media such as websites facebook, twitter, linkedin is collected at one place and analyze by the experts to make business decisions. It also improves social collaboration over a sort of business relationships, such as customer service, advertising, documentation and so on.
Advertising Analytics– If you are one of those advertisers, who wants to understand why your Display Advertising is not providing the preferred results then WEB DESKERS is the correct solution for you. We provide you with all the information that the demand for which product is increasing as the result of online advertising? Which advertisements are profitable for you and which are not?